Gemstone wrap bracelets double

  • Amazonite & Rhodonite wrap bracelet
    Amazonite & Rhodonite wrap bracelet

    Dark pink leather wrap with Amazonite faceted beads and Rhodonite faceted beads and in between the Natural Amazonite beads. As finishing touch I used little flower beads

    of Rhodonite with name tag. Silver colored Ce;tic knot…

    € 59,00
  • Carneool leather wrap
    Carneool leather wrap

    Double leather wrap with Carneool beads and Red Jaspis beads with Tiger Iron.

    This bracelet helps you to keep grounded and gives you energy, also good for your muscles.

    € 59,00
  • Jade with Rhodonite with Unakite wrap
  • Labradoriet leather wrap
    Labradoriet leather wrap

    Leather wrap with light green and dark green Labradorite faceted rondelle gemstone beads,

    and green Aquamarine faceted rondelle gemstone beads. Silver coloured Tree of life button

    and silver coloured spacer beads.

    € 59,00
  • Rosequartz with Rhodonite  wrap bracelet
    Rosequartz with Rhodonite wrap bracelet

    Double wrap of black leather with silver colored flower button.

    In this bracelet I used pink Sponge quartz and Rose quartz in donut shape,

    the Rhodonite are round beads.

    A powerfull but also feminine bracelet in these soft…

    € 59,00
  • Tibetan agate double wrap
    Tibetan agate double wrap

    In the double wrap, there are 3 different tibetan agaat beads straightened in leather.

    The colors of the beads are white, gold en brown.

    € 59,00
  • Tibetian Agate wrap bracelet double
    Tibetian Agate wrap bracelet double

    Tibetian Agate with shiny Agate and Picasso Jaspis.

    Nice brown leather with green pearl button!

    Also as single wrap...

    € 59,00
  • Tiger eye & Lapis Lazuli wrap bracelet
    Tiger eye & Lapis Lazuli wrap bracelet

    Nice quality Tiger eye round beads with Lapis Lazuli round beads and donut shape beads.

    I used natural leather wrap with old gold colored button with heart print and spacer beads. Name tag and bead charms.

    Powerfull bracelet…

    € 59,00
  • Tiger eye wrap
    Tiger eye wrap

    Leather wrap with Tiger eye beads, Rutilated quartz and Smoke quartz.

    Gold coloured button and spacer beads.

    € 59,00
  • Turquoise howliet wrap
    Turquoise howliet wrap

    Brown leather wrap with turquoise coloured Howlite beads and Irisquartz beads.

    Silver coloured Sanddollar button and spacer beads.

    € 59,00
  • Yolly's Angel wrap (custom-made)
    Yolly's Angel wrap (custom-made)

    Double leather wrap with beads of Angeliet, Aquamarijn and Opaliet.

    € 79,00


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